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Not long ago, the traditional singing, dancing, drumming, and storytelling of Africa were part of its daily life. These arts were not just for beauty or entertainment; they taught values, cooperation, and respect. They were for solace and celebration, and they bonded communities in deep ways.

Also not long ago, there were many places in Ghana where children could learn these vital parts of their heritage and perhaps begin artistic careers. In Kokrobite, Ghana, there was the Academy of African Music and Arts, a preeminent destination for local students and international artists alike.  It drew large crowds from Accra each weekend for performances.


But now AAMA is no more, and there are far fewer places where still-eager children and artists from around the world can come to learn. Maputo Mensah is working to remedy that in Kokrobite with the Akpe Cultural Center. His mission is to create a vibrant teaching facility, with world-class instruction and accommodations for forty. The cultural center will welcome local and international students, and any artists seeking to infuse their own work with the spirit of Africa.

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