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OUR GOAL: $350,000



The price tag for the Akpe Cultural Center is approximately $350,000, and it will proceed in stages as funds are available. So far, a tremendous amount has been accomplished with small donations from supporters. Right now, we need $70,000 to complete the ground level space to the point it can be used for drumming and dancing lessons, practice, and events.

The Akpe Cultural Center project is sponsored by the Boulder County Arts Alliance, and all donations through them are fully tax deductible. When you click on the Donate button above or below, you will be taken to the project's donation page at BCAA.

If you prefer, you can write a check payable to Boulder County Arts Alliance, with Maputo Mensah/Akpe Cultural Center in the memo line (very important!), and mail to:

Boulder County Arts Alliance
2590 Walnut St., Suite 9
Boulder, CO 80302

If you aren’t interested in the tax deduction and want the Akpe Cultural Center to have the full amount of your donation, with no fees withheld, you can donate directly to the project through Maputo Mensah. Make your check out to him, and make sure it has "Akpe Cultural Center" in the memo line. Maputo is tracking every penny that comes in and goes out, and is devoted to ensuring efficiency and accountability throughout the project.

However you choose to help, know that “akpe” expresses gratitude in the Ewe language, and that you have so much of ours. You and others like you are transforming a dream into a reality that will foster the best this world has to offer for generations to come.

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In Ewe, akpe means thank you.